MAKE Productions is not just film - It's creation.

With our company's slogan being "crafting creativity," we strive to bring individuality to each and every project. Our approach is simple: develop original content tailored to our clients' needs. 

Over the past year, MAKE Productions has worked with 94 WIP, the Delaware All-State Theatre, Victory Brewing Company, and the Kennett Mushroom Festival, just to name a few.

MAKE Productions started from an idea of artistry inclusion and community, bringing together all avenues of creativity, and now, that idea is being brought to life.

We are creators.

We are MAKE Productions.


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David Daniel Pierce

Having graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in English Education, David has an affinity for all things writing. In fact, he has been published in fiction. 

He also likes laughing, reading in the sun, and the Philadelphia Flyers. But his main passion is creating.

As the company CEO and executive producer, David is the pulse that breaths life into every MAKE project from the initial conception to the finished product. 

His expertise in production includes drafting, developing, procuring, scheduling, budgeting, operation processing, and, on occasion, shaking a few hands. He has been a video producer for just over two years now.


David is our CEO, our Executive Producer. He is our Leader. He is MAKE.

Matthew Pearsall

Matt's passion for creating went from budding to fully blossomed when he helped establish MAKE Productions LLC. 

As MAKE's Creative Content Officer, Matt wants to help businesses and individuals alike embody their own passion through the art of visual storytelling. 

Matt's ability to deliver engaging narratives for our clients is at the heart of everything MAKE does, and it's something he has been doing since the inception of MAKE.

His creative prowess derives from effective storytelling, decisive direction under pressure, and a creative vision  that wills projects into existence. 

Matt is our CCO, our Directorial Lead. He is our Passion. He is MAKE.

Kyle hutchison

Kyle's enthusiasm for audio began shortly after developing an unhealthy obsession for The Joe Rogan Experience podcast years ago.

As Director of Sound, Kyle manages and establishes strategic on set sound quality control, equipment, and recordings.

A pastime that stemmed from wasting hours of time listening to podcasts has now graduated into his full-time career.

As COO, Kyle handles operational procedures, personnel management, and oversees daily functions.


Besides obsessing over podcasts and running MAKE's operations, you can find Kyle yelling at his TV on football Sundays, at the local pub on Thursday afternoons, and at the beach during the summer. 


Kyle is our COO, our Director of Sound. He is our Rock. He is MAKE.