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About Make

MAKE Productions is not just film - it's creation. From video promotion and advertising, to weddings, events, podcast, photography, visual artsistry, fiction writing, non-fiction writing - we can help with your project.

We offer unparalleled customer satisfaciton, working with you to meet the needs of your ideas or events.  We want you to be fully confident in the project that we have produced for you. Choosing us will be the best decision you've ever made. We believe in our ability to deliver and so will you after doing business with MAKE.

We produce an incredibly affordable, high quality product that is sure to wow any viewer along with boost views for any social media page. 

We look forward to your project.


dAvid daniel pierce

Having graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.A. in English Education, David has an affinity for all things writing. In fact, he has been published in fiction. He also likes laughing, reading in the sun, and the Philadelphia Flyers. A few other things too. But his main passion is creating.

As the company executive producer and writer, David is the pulse that breaths life into everyMAKE project from the initial conception to the finished product. His expertise in production includes drafting, developing, procuring, scheduling, budgeting, operation processing, and, on occasion, shaking a few hands. He has been a video producer for just over a year.

He is our Producer, Writer. He is our Leader. He is MAKE.

matthew pearsall

Matt graduated from THE Catholic University of America. This is where his passion for directing went from budding to fully blossomed. While at school, he entered a film competition and won in the category of Best Comedy with his witty, outlandish short film "Vice Cats." 

Matt's ability to deliver engaging narratives for our clients is at the heart of everything MAKE does, and it's something he has been doing for just over four years now.

He is our Director. He is our Passion. He is MAKE.

kyle hutchison

Kyle's passion for audio and podcasting began when he started listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast years ago. As Director of Sound, Kyle manages and establishes strategic on set sound quality control, equipment, and recordings, as well as creates interesting and engaging podcast developments and productions. A passion that began with listening to hours of podcasts while working a part-time job has now developed into his full-time career.

Beside obsessing over podcasts, you can find Kyle at the gym daily, his local pub on Thursdays, and at the beach during the summer. 


He is our Director of Sound. He is our Rock. He is MAKE.