How Our Process Works

MAKE Productions Strives to make each one of our couples as comfortable as possible. THe goal is to become more than just wedding vendors which will allow us to produce more candid content for your wedding photos, videos and more! 


Step 1: Meet and Eat

After scheduling a meeting with us (which you can do with the form below), we take both of you out for a nice dinner in celebration of your engagement. The entire meal will be on us. Think of it as MAKE's gift for your engagement. At this meeting, we will also discuss our packages and pricing to give you a sense of the options we offer for your wedding.


Step 2: Second Meeting

If you like us and our offerings for your wedding, we meet again for some coffee and go over our contract. We make sure that you completely understand it and that there are no surprises. Upon signing, the scheduling deposit is due and we can get to work. We talk about potential sites for your engagement photos and if you want any props or specific shots for your photos. Lastly, we request you to share your Pinterest board with us so we can personalize your website to the styles favored on your board (Both of these situations are only if you choose those options in our package). 


Step 3: Pre-Ceremony

This step is where our real work begins. The engagement photos are taken, editted and sent over to you two promptly so you can get your wedding invitations out as soon as possible. This time period is also where we build the website that is personalized for your wedding. We also schedule up a day where we can do interviews with both of you for the videos. We spend this time creating an extensive gameplan (which includes location scouting), so we know exactly how your wedding will be filmed and photographed perfectly. Along with all of this, we encourage every couple to talk with us as much as possible. Text, Email, Call, anyway you can get in touch with us please do. Weddings can be a daunting process, and we bring a combined 10+ years of wedding experience, so we try and help in anyway possible

Step 4: The big day

Well its finally here. All the planning and prepping has built up to a beautiful ceremony and amazing reception. We know the wedding day can be the most stressful for the couple, and that's why we spend the time creating our wedding-day gameplan. We stick to that plan, but are in constant communication in case of any last minute changes. That involves ALWAYS showing up to location at least two hours early (location permitting). That time allows us to set up, take establishing shots of the location. Following the itinerary for the ceremony, we film and photograph the entire day from start to finish taking perfect shots, subtlety, to provide your guest with an amazing experience. 

Step 5: POst-Ceremony

Post-ceremony, the editing begins. This process is long and takes a lot of effort, but we want to hear your input throughout the process, so your video and photos are tailored for your tastes. While editing the video, we put together a gorgeous wedding book you and your spouse can look-over forever. All of this guaranteed up to two months after your wedding. We aren't finished until you are 100% in love with each of our products!